Scry Analytics provides proprietary machine learning and natural language processing products and services for decision support and complementing human judgment.

*Jidoka – Japanese word that means “automation with human touch”

Data Sources

Customer data sources, Scry AI data sources, data providers

  • structured-unstructured-data
    Semi-Structured and unstructured data structure
  • time-series
    Time series data
  • web-source
    Web source/reference data
  • paper-image
    Paper/image data
  • third-party-data
    Third party data

Scry AI Platform – Jidoka®

Proprietary library of AI algorithms for data engineering and specific business use cases optimized for compute and memory usage. Ingests & cleanses internal & external semi-structured & unstructured data, harmonizing it for better accuracy & reliability

Proprietary data ingestion, engineering & cleansing platform providing lineage and actionable insights (Jidoka*)
  • Digitization library
  • Data exploration
  • Business rules (BR) engine
  • Ontology and live manual
  • Connectors & scrapers library
  • Role based access & security
  • Data quality (DQ) engine
Proprietary library of AI algorithms optimized for computing, power and memory usage that achieve higher accuracy than open source algorithms
  • Supervised learning
  • Knowledge graph based
  • Edit distance based
  • Filtering
  • Unsupervised anomaly detection
  • Unsupervised similarity finding
  • Business rules – Probabilistic
  • Business rules – Deterministic
  • Time series and Natural language processing
  • Unsupervised clustering


Data-driven machine intelligence using proprietary software


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