Anomalia® Accurately Detecting Anomalies in ACH Transactions

Anomalia® is a revolutionary AI-based solution that detects anomalies in Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and prevents fraudulent money transfers. Its machine learning algorithm provides accurate risk assessment by analyzing your payment patterns and adapting frequently to new types of payments. When millions of transactions are processed simultaneously, Anomalia will help you stay on top of new threats without slowing down.

Key Features

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Anomaly Detection
Library of 25+ proprietary supervised & unsupervised algorithms, pre-trained & tested for our products
External Data Enrichment
40+ scrapers & connectors for ingesting web & paid data subscriptions, e.g., news, social media, traffic, geo-location, sanction lists
Domain Ontologies
Prebuilt financial ontologies & business rules that will improve over time
Knowledge Graphs
30+ probabilistic spatial & temporal graph algorithms to determine links & connected entities
Reinforcement Learning
In-built reinforcement learning algorithms that improves our products’ performance over time “with & without a human loop
Reverse Engineering
60+ proprietary AI algorithms to identify transformations & business rules and to fix errors
User Interface and APIs
Pre-built graphical user interface (GUI) & APIs for quick deployment & integration with clients’ workflows
Cleansing & Harmonization
60+ algorithms for cleansing, harmonizing & validating data from internal & external sources in 30+ formats, e.g., JPEG, video, PDFs
Product Accuracy
Upto 96% accuracy that improves over time with prebuilt ontologies & reinforcement learning
Deployment & Scalability
Highly scalable with parallel & distributed computing with options to deploy on-premise or consume as SaaS
Data Governance
Provides role-based access & sends alerts for exceptions to strategies, policies & compliance guidelines
Time & Cost
Upto 75% improvement in time & cost over the current manual process

Feature Rich Solution to Prevent Frauds

Anomalia®has 500+ features to generate out-sorts and alerts within milli seconds to help sniff out anomalies in all kinds of ACH transactions. Anomalia captures features from various transactions, contact centers, user behavior, device connectivity and geolocations and provides a ‘Pareto Frontier’ to show trade-offs between out-sorts, precision, recall, fraud avoidance amount, etc.

Usage of Anomalia®

    Extract Information related to:
  • Entity resolution across databases
  • Watch list screening
  • Enhancing knowledge regarding KYC & KYCC
  • Automated filling of forms
  • Customer segmentation and Customer 3600

Anomalia® Serves

  • Banks (Retail and Commercial), Credit unions,
  • Investment banks, Asset management companies,
  • Mutual funds, Private equity, Non-banking financial
  • institutions, Insurance companies
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