AI-Based Anomaly and Fraud Detection in Financial Transactions

Anomalia® uses proprietary AI-Algorithms to identify potential fraud, risk, conflict and non-compliance in financial and legal engagements at transactional level.

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Anomaly Detection in ACH Transactions

Anomalia® Anomaly Detection in ACH Transactions uses customer’s transactional as well as behavioral data to detect anomalies in ACH Transactions and prevents fraudulent transactions.

  • Real-time risk alerts.
  • Provides Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for an entity, which includes name, address & supplement data.
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Anomaly Detection in Mobile Check Deposits

Anomalia® Anomaly Detection in Mobile Check Deposits analyses authenticity of mobile checks, accounts in which they are deposited and their geo-spatial mobile deposit locations to detect potential fraud in transactions.

  • Real-time risk alerts.
  • Real-time assessment of debit transactions and originating entities.
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Anomaly Detection in Wire Transactions

Anomalia® Anomaly Detection in Wire Transactions analyses originators, beneficiaries and their anomaly scores derived from other wire transactions to detect and prevent potential frauds.

  • Automated monitoring of all account activities.
  • Real-time assessment of wire transfers.
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Anti-Money Laundering

Anomalia® Anti Money Laundering performs analyses on various transactions, entities and their linkages for enhanced due diligence to detect potential money laundering transactions.

  • Reduced false positives for domain experts.
  • Automated screening of entities against various watchlists & sanctioned lists.
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Conflict of Interest Monitoring

Anomalia® Conflict of Interest Monitoring analyses internal and external data from various legal and financial documents related to the existing and past engagements and the transactions to predict and hence navigate the conflict-of-interest situation.

  • Generate alerts within minutes & incorporates business rules.
  • Reduced time for conflict detection by 50%.
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Employee Fraud Detection

Anomalia® Employee Fraud Detection analyses all the data related to employee behavior, transactions and relationships to predict and prevent employee fraud.

  • Real-time risk alerts for potential frauds with reasons.
  • Uses customer as well as employee segmentation to provide fraud alerts.
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Key Differentiators &
Business Benefits

  • Improved Performance

    Up to 70% incremental fraud detection over business rules.

  • Accurate Alerts

    Provides “Pareto Frontier” to show trade-offs among out-sorts, precision, recall, and fraud avoidance amount.

  • Watchlist Screening

    Automated screening of originators and beneficiaries against watch lists & sanctioned lists issued by OFSI, OFAC, DFAT, EU, UN, HMT, etc.

  • Reduced False Positives

    70% reduction in false positives over current manual process thereby improving productivity and efficiency of domain experts

  • Reduced Cost

    75% reduction in manual labor and cost