Data Cleansing & Enrichment

Names, Addresses and URLs from Collatio

Problem & Current State

  • Out-of-date data, duplicates, near duplicates & incomplete/missing data (continually) as new data on customers, entities, transactions expands dynamically
  • Marketing mailers are sent to 100,000 potential contacts but likely to reach only 56.4% customers

Our Solution

  • Workflow-based & automated with analyst verification
  • Scry solution pre-processes records for abbreviations (e.g., svcs, constr) and spelling errors
  • Removes personal names typically with first & last name (and some times middle initial): 8.5% data
  • Removes records not found online & no website, 6.6% such businesses – likelihood of business existing is very low
  • Search 30+ external sources and companies’ websites to enrich data with 30+ attributes e.g. URL, parent company, key contacts

    52.8% records with exact match – accurate address in client data

    22.1% records where SMBs moved within 25 miles of the original address

    2.4% records where the business was either closed or moved more than 25 miles from original addresses

    22.7% records not found via geo-location but verified using additional sources and machine learning to predict with 70% or more likelihood of being a correct addresses

Business Outcomes

  • 60%-70% improvement over current processes
  • >91% accurate & reliable
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