Automated data extraction and enhancement software

Automated ingestion, extraction, harmonization and reconciliation of data and its lineage coming from various financial, legal and operating documents.

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Financial Spreading

Balance Sheets, P&L, etc.

Collatio® Financial Spreading is an automated financial spreading application which enables high accuracy data extraction, reconciliation and analysis of financial statements including Balance Sheets, P&L Statements, Cashflow Statements, etc.

  • Straight through processing with ~98% accuracy & reliability.
  • Pre-built APIs to connect with various sources.
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Invoice Reconciliation

Proforma, Purchase orders, etc.

Collatio® Invoice reconciliation enables users with automated data extraction from invoices and its reconciliation with SoWs, Purchase Orders, MSAs, etc.

  • Provides detailed insights on specific invoices for approval for adjustments.
  • Ensures tax compliance by verifying invoices for KYC, FATCA, etc.
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Contract Intelligence

Loan Agreements, MSA, etc.

Collatio® Contract Intelligence is an automated data extraction application specifically designed to handle the complexities and un

  • Computes semantic similarity of agreements at the attribute level.
  • Keep track of payment periods and agreement expiry dates.
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Data Mapping

Auditing and Lineage

Collatio® Data Flow mapping automates the reverse engineering of transformations in the data and the codebase to enable effective analysis and debugging.

  • Only 15% COBOL programmers required as compared to current manual process.
  • Time-series graphs to show parameters & transformations from one set of tables to the next one.
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KYC and Enhanced Due Diligence

Driver’s Licenses, Passports, Deed of Trusts, W9s, etc.

Collatio® Enhanced Due Diligence is an AI-based data processing application that enables entity verification and real-time validation against global checklists using internal as well as external data sources.

  • Advance real-time assessment of an entity against global watchlists and PEP lists.
  • Data Extraction and validation for various ID documents.
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Loan Ops Automation

Pay stubs, IDs, Tax forms, etc.

Collatio® Loan Ops Automation is a document classification and processing application designed to cater to the large array of loan documents.

  • In-built subject matter expertise and domain-specific ontologies.
  • Can process more than 50 types of loan documents and extract up to 2,000 data entities and values from them.
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Key Differentiators &
Business Benefits

  • Data Cleansing & Harmonization

    60+ algorithms for cleansing, harmonizing & validating data from internal & external sources in 30+ formats, e.g., JPEG, video, PDFs.

  • External Data Enrichment

    40+ scrapers & connectors for ingesting web & paid data subscriptions, e.g., news, social media, traffic, geo-location, sanction lists.

  • Data Governance

    Provides role-based access & sends alerts for exceptions to strategies, policies & compliance guidelines.

  • Reverse Engineering

    40+ proprietary ML & NLP algorithms to identify transformations & business rules and to fix manual & OCR errors.

  • Proprietary NNOCR

    Neural network-based OCR developed in-house to efficiently extract and process data from scanned documents as well.