Data Flow Mapping

Reverse Engineering with Data Flow Automations

Data Flow Mapping is an AI-based enterprise application that reverse engineers the code in COBOL and other legacy languages so that more versatile code can be re-written in modern languages. It also, analyses software code, its complexity, and dependencies as well as other relationships within the code and extracts business rules. This helps in the automation of processes and services regarding documentation, maintenance, rationalization, optimization, and modernization of software applications.

Use Cases

  • Banks and non-banking finance corporations

  • Insurance companies

  • Information technology companies

  • Retail organizations

  • Life sciences & health-care companies

  • Government agencies

  • Other entities with legacy applications

Collatio Serves


Advanced reverse engineering for legacy systems and Databases

Data Flow Mapping by Scry Analytics delivers tremendous gains in productivity and cost reduction, while guaranteeing unprecedented levels of accuracy at scale. It is powered by extensive automation that streamlines workflow management implemented at each stage of process. Our Data Flow Mapping Software “reverse engineers” the transformations being performed by legacy applications, thereby, improving the efficiency of analysts and programmers in debugging and in rewriting these applications in contemporary computer languages.

More Detail

Collatio has been built using
the following technologies

  • Bayesian networks

  • Reinforcement learning

  • Generic rule-based machine learning

  • Heuristic algorithms

  • Data mining

  • Big data integration

  • Big data analytics

Key Differentiators &
Business Benefits

  • Proprietary Algorithms

    Pre-built 60+ proprietary algorithms to reverse engineer ~ 500 transformations including “if... then... else”

  • Accuracy

    90%+ accuracy achieved by pre-trained AI algorithms and domain ontology

  • Time and Cost

    75% reduction in time & cost while performing the analysis

  • Ready to use UI and APIs

    Pre-built graphical user interface (GUI) & APIs for quick deployment & integration with clients’ existing workflow

  • Data Quality Dashboards

    Identify, extract & curate anomalous data using Data Quality dashboards. Visualize overall Data Quality and table/column specific results