AI Meets Human Intelligence

We are intelligence in action. Our teams are technically adept and highly capable. We're not just satisfied with cracking out code. We have a strong desire to learn about our customers and be creative at every step.


Why customers trust scry

  • We are driven

    Our passion for excellence drives us. We believe in simplicity and perfection in all that we do

  • We are transparent

    We strive to be open, transparent and our vision is to establish AI for everyone, not just a select few.

  • We make AI that delivers

    We use algorithms to make AI that is easier, faster, cheaper and a force multiplier for every enterprise.

Our Leadership

The people behind the
key to our success

  • Dr. Alok Aggarwal

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr. Sangeeta Aggarwal

    Chief Medical Information Officer

  • Rishi Sharma

    SVP Data Science, India

  • Mingfeng Liu

    Senior Data Scientist

  • Srinivasan Bharadwaj

    Head of Digital Transformation

  • Ajay Piwhal

    Senior VP, Solutions & Growth

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