Conflict of Interest Management
Financial Spreading
By Dr. Alok Aggarwal
Automated Spreading of Balance Sheets and Cashflow Statements

Problem & Current State

  • Manual digitization of financial documents
  • Expensive to scale and maintain accuracy
  • Unidentified human-errors potentially resulting in unknown risk

Our Solution

  • Workflow-based & automated with analyst verification
  • Ingests financials in PDF, image, Excel and CSV input formats
  • ML, NLP and graph-based solution to “reverse engineer” formulas
  • 40+ pre-trained proprietary algorithms to digitize, validate values & fix errors
  • Reinforcement learning on “its own” and via a “human loop”
  • Pre-built financial ontology & business rules
  • Output maps to required financial templates
  • Points out specific areas where the analyst should review

Business Outcomes

  • 80% annual cost savings (55% in the first year)
  • 90% reduction in overall processing time
  • >96% accuracy