ScryCollatio® is a data-engineering platform that provides data exploration, preparation, cleansing and harmonization capabilities using Scry’s proprietary AI algorithms.


ScryJidoka® is a library of products and modules that yield better automated actionable insights for specific use cases in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

ScrySSoT® Enterprise

Single Source of Truth for enterprise data providing AI-enabled checks for data quality and internal & external compliance.


ScrySSoT® Reference Data

Single Source of Truth for reference data from internal and external (web, third-party vendors) sources.


Data exploration & preparation of structured (Spreadsheets, RDBMS) and unstructured (JPEG, pdf, email, social media) data.

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Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Risk & Compliance Analytics
Customer Prospecting

Procurement , Sourcing & Supply Chain

Risk & compliance
  • ScryRisk® Vendors
    • Vendor Risk & Compliance
  • ScryDigitize
    Digitization of physical documents and culling attributes
  • ScryAudit®
    • Audit of invoices & payment products
    • Identifying & removing duplicate invoices
    • Reconciliation of invoices to purchase orders

Customer Experience

  • ScryCX®
    • Service Management
    • Complaints Management
    • Contact Center Analytics
    • Contact Center Compliance

ScryInnovate® Products

Productize new ideas – ours or yours – using Scry’s building blocks:

  • ScryJidoka® – proprietary and open source ML/NLP algorithms
  • ScryCollatio®– Proprietary data-engineering platform
  • Connectors, scrapers and APIs to bring in external data
  • Domain and data-science expertise
  • Domain specific ontologies & definition directories
  • Knowledge graphs & hypergraphs

Oncology & Hematology

  • VoiceofCancerPatients®
    • Providing insights using messages from patients and care givers regarding side effects and how to mitigate them