Whether you want to crawl-walk-run or start with a sprint, we have services to help you deploy AI at your pace.


We understand that every organization has unique sources and attributes of data. Data needs to be prepared and algorithms need to be trained to ensure ML/AI products generate meaningful insights for your organization. Our proof-of-concept (POC) engagements help your organization adopt ML/AI in small steps. These are quick high-quality prototype deployments of Scry’s products, supported by our data scientists who customize our algorithms to match the type and quality of your data. The outcome is a highly-accurate AI solution that helps you realize business value. Of course, you would also have found a trusted AI partner in us.



We take pride in the accuracy of our products. Our products are pre-trained to shorten the time-to-value for your organization. Our data scientists, in partnership with your engineering team, deploy our products into your production environment. You get our products, connected to your organization’s data lake, ready for predictive analytics action.



As organizations explore the potential benefits of AI, building a team of data scientists takes time and investment. In many cases, deploying AI is of value, maintaining a team of data scientists is not. We have you covered. Scry offers its global delivery centers to support your Scry products installations, providing you varying levels of support for evolving business needs. Our data scientists are based in India and US to provide you near-site and off-site support with 24 hour coverage.

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