Inventory and Transportation Optimization

AI-based Inventory Control Prediction

Vigilo® Inventory and Transportation Optimization minimizes inventory holding and shipping costs by aggregating data from disparate data source systems to continuously optimize various features and attributes.

Use Cases

  • Inventory planning for manufacturing, wholesale, and retail firms

  • Optimizes costs using real-time computation of transporting from warehouses to destinations

  • Improves item-level costs

  • Compares and benchmarks various parts and suppliers with respect to key performance indicators (KPIs)

Vigilo Serves


Automated Inventory Management Prediction for Improved Profitability

Inventory and Transportation Optimization by Scry Analytics helps manufacturing firms, wholesalers, and retailers in reducing inventory levels of various items while ensuring that they will not run out of them using AI-based optimization techniques.

More Detail

Collatio has been built using
the following technologies

  • Bayesian networks

  • Reinforcement learning

  • Generic rule-based machine learning

  • Heuristic algorithms

  • Data mining

  • Big data integration

  • Big data analytics

  • Reverse engineering

Key Differentiators &
Business Benefits

  • Pre-built connectors

    40+ scrapers & connectors for ingesting external data from online platforms

  • Customizable Dashboards

    Provides visualization in real-time to identify alerts regarding critical inventory levels and their root causes

  • Optimized Re-Ordering

    Real-time recommendations to optimize re-ordering by parts and by locations

  • End-to-end Integration

    Integrates with other applications for end-to-end production and supply chain constraints

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    Higher quality items and improved timeliness to the customer because of improved SLAs