Optimal Factory Scheduling

AI-based Production Planning and Optimization

Vigilo® Optimal Factory Scheduling generates accurate granular demand forecasts as well as well-defined manufacturing and distribution schedules by incorporating various operational constraints.

Use Cases

  • Creates manufacturing and distribution schedules

  • Produces an optimized or near-optimized production plan

  • Predicts the likelihood of change based on historical data

  • Predicts potential disruptions in supply chain

  • Provides inventory and financial planning

Vigilo Serves


Production Scheduling Optimization for Manufacturing and Distribution

Optimal Factory Scheduling by Scry Analytics uses a holistic view of data related to customer demand, supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution operations to generate dynamic manufacturing and distribution plans as well as optimal industrial schedules.

More Detail

Collatio has been built using
the following technologies

  • Bayesian networks

  • Reinforcement learning

  • Generic rule-based machine learning

  • Heuristic algorithms

  • Data mining

  • Big data integration

  • Big data analytics

  • Reverse engineering

Key Differentiators &
Business Benefits

  • Pre-built connectors

    40+ scrapers & connectors for ingesting external data from online platforms

  • Customizable Dashboards

    Customizable pre-packaged dashboards that can be customized for complex and specific monitoring needs

  • Reduced Last Minute Planning

    Minimizes last-minute planning and scheduling changes by predicting the likelihood of various changes

  • End-to-end Integration

    Integrates with other applications for end-to-end production and supply chain constraints